Firehouse Worcester

Past Shows
3/18/22: Bread & Puppet: Finished Waiting
3/26/22: Baby; Baby, Andrea Pensado, Precious Metal Lady, Cursed Image
4/9/22: Sunk Heaven, Revenge Body, Caleb/Aly
4/20/22 +DOG+, Compactor,Retribution Body, InfineXhuma, Aly Gear
4/24/22: Shit Whitman, The Taxidermists, Cursed Image, Anna Reidister
4/25/22: Adaa, Nestor, Bromp Treb, PussyVision, AlyKellyCaleb
5/11/22: Necralant, Sons of Decay, Beneath Purgatory, The Kulling
6/2/22: Cole Blouin, Olivia W-B, Fomosurfer, Potion Seller
6/4/22: Wrest, Marie Carroll & Yoona Kim, Cursed Image, Michael Rosenstein & Jesse Collins
6/9/22: NEETS, Stice, Cheap City
6/19/22: Silica Gel, Holly Waxwing, Bastian Void, AM Radio, Potion Seller
6/24/22: Noa Jacques/Luke Rovinsky/Alina Jacobs, Violet Salon, Caleb Duval/Michael Larocca, more
6/25/22: Death Insurance, Pleasure Coffin, PissGirl
Upcoming Shows

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